Download CCI

Version 2 adds cci_create_endpoint_at() and is the recommended version. We still post version 1 in case programs require it.

Download the 2.1 version (2.4 MB)

Download the 2.0 API manual (289 KB)

The tarball includes the source code and documentation (HTML and PDF) of the API as of this version. See the README and the README for each transport for notes including supported and missing features.

Download the 1.0 version (2.3 MB)

Download the 1.0 API manual (286 KB)

Building CCI

CCI uses a traditional configure, make and make install build process. See the INSTALL file for more details.

Getting Help

To get assistance using CCI, subscribe to the cci-users mail list:

Once you have subscribed, you will be able to send email to:

cci-users AT


There are many ways you can participate with CCI. You can contribute to the code base, port applications to CCI, test and report bugs, write documentation, and more.

Contributor License Agreements

To contribute code, you will need to complete a contributor agreement. We have corporate and individual agreements. Please contact cci-cla AT

Developer Mail List

For developers working with the CCI code base, please join the developers list at:

GitHub Access

CCI is an open-source, public project hosted at GitHub:

To gain write-access, you will need to submit a contributor agreement.